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University of British Columbia

from 2015 to 2020

Bachelor of Science - Statistics and Computer Science Double Major Undergraduate Degree

Undergraduate Statistics, AI, ML, numerical analysis, relational databases, and computer and networking systems (message me if you want more details)

Volunteer Work

Frostad Research Group

I volunteered my free time to integrate open source library, add functionality, source experiment tooling solution, and migrate experiment computing to Raspberry Pi, C, and IDS cameras

Work History

UBC Teaching Assistant

I answered questions, contributed to learning material, helped with install troubleshooting, and graded assignments.

Student Academic Assistant Support Initiative

I translated julia 0.6 to 1.0, MATLAB code to julia, and Python jupyter notebooks to julia about first course Machine Learning material.

UBC Student Financial Services

Database Specialist Support

I styled forms for displaying data, built linked functions for updating data, and made forms to bulk upload data. Included is a parser for basic operators to calculate a single result from several import data columns. I returned to fix incorrect code when found.

Clir Renewables Inc.

Data Science Intern

I had a short work term where I worked on automated data acquisition, automated data processing, MySQL queries, decision trees, Python, Amazon Web Services (Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2 Container Service, Simple Storage Service, CloudWatch), Bash shell, Batch, Windows, Ubuntu



...a polling platform web application where polls are designed to bring together pollsters' thoughts and respondents' understanding.

CompanyClock (waiting for Apple developer membership)

...a notification-setter/event-clock-timer for your everyday reminders. The iOS app is not available as I don't have Apple Developer membership. If you want to download the free app, you can contribute to paying my membership fee here.


GraphQL interface for SQL databases in Haskell (available as microservice to other projects as shown by my examples repository)


ids on Github

I contributed a snap-shot method in this Python interface for IDS cameras. Here's the code.